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The last blog post talked about plugins in general and illustrated the workings of the duplicate finder plugin in detail. Today I will point out a few other useful plugins. To obtain these plugins follow the same procedure as in the section “Getting the Find Duplicates plugin” in the previous blog post, but with the name of the plugin replaced with the one you are looking for. You may encounter a window in the process that asks you where you would like to install the plugin icon. In the following I have assumed that once you install the plugin the icon is available in the main calibre tool bar. If your screen size is small or if you have too many icons in the main tool bar not all of them will be visible. To see them all click on the little “>>” sign at the extreme right corner of the main tool bar.

Generate Cover Plugin: This plugin was developed by Grant Drake. Click here to go to the mobileread forum on this plugin. The plugin helps you generate custom covers for those books that you cant find a cover for via download metadata or if you simply don’t like the available covers. It can also be used to make covers for personal documents like collections of letters or magazine articles or news downloads. The plugin uses available metadata to create the cover. The following figure shows the icon for the plugin you will see in your toolbar.

Select the ebook, you want to generate a cover for, in the main calibre window. Then click on the above icon. The following window appears.

The right side of the window shows the default cover the plugin generates. But this can be customized to your taste. The first tab in this window is “Settings”. Below it you will see “Saved Settings” where there will be the “Default” option that will have all the settings of fonts, dimensions, images and contents of the cover shown on the right. You can either add a new setting or just change the default settings. To create a new setting click on the green “+” sign on the right hand top corner of “Saved Settings”. A window will open that will allow you to choose a name for the setting. In this example I have chosen “antique” as you can see in the figure below. After “Saved Settings” is “Select Image”. Here you can click on the green “+” sign to choose an image stored somewhere on your computer. The next tab “Fonts” allows you to choose the font sizes for the title, the author, the series and any other custom text you want to display on the cover. Under this tab you can also choose the background color, the border color, the text color, if the text should have a border and if it does what color the text border should be. The next tab is “Dimensions”, under which you can choose the cover height and width. You can also choose margin sizes and border thickness of both image and cover. Finally the last tab is “Contents”. Here you can choose what metadata to display in the “Field Order” section. In the following figure title, author and image are included. You can also choose the order in which these are displayed. For example in the figure below author is moved below image, while it is above image in the figure above. To do this I just selected “Author” under the “Field Order” and clicked the down green arrow to move it below “Image”. Under this tab you can also add some custom text you would like displayed (I have not put any), but the “Custom Text” will have to be selected in the “Field Order” section.

Goodreads Sync: This plugin was developed by Grant Drake. Click here to go to the mobileread forum on this plugin. Some of you may have Goodreads accounts and you may want to synchronise your goodreads shelves with your calibre collection. This plugin helps with doing that. The figure below shows the icon of this plugin in the main tool bar along with available options.

The “Add to shelf” option allows you to add slected calibre ebooks to your “read”, “currently-reading” and “to-read” shelves in your goodreads account. When I select the ebook “A Collection of Antiques” in my ebook collection and click add to shelf the following window appears.

Now just click “Add to shelf” to have it added to your appropriate goodreads shelf.

To use the second option “Sync from shelf”, you need to first set it up. First click on the “Customize plugin” option. In the new window that opens, double click on an entry of interest under “Sync Actions” and  tell calibre what it should do with matching linked books. Now the synchronizing is set up and ready to use. Clkick on the “Sync from shelf” option under the goodreads icon. You may have some books on your goodreads shelves that you read paperback versions of and therefore do not have them in your calibre library. These books will be labelled as “No Calibre book linked” in the new window that opens. You can right click on the book and it will give you the option of adding an empty book to calibre with the metadata stored for your records. See figure below where I have added empty ebooks for the first two unlinked books.

Search the internet plugin: This plugin was developed by Grant Drake. Click here to go to the mobileread forum on this plugin.This plugin allows you to search the internetplugin in the main toolbar as well as the search options it allows for.

Some other plugins of interest may be Kindle CollectionsCount pages and many more that are discussed here.

Hope you found this post useful. See you again in about a week.

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