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Bored of all your default covers looking like this:

Since calibre 2.4,  released on 25 September 2014, calibre has added a selection of different cover designs with customizable fonts, font sizes and color schemes. Here are the set of default covers:

There are 4 color scheme choices, namely: grass, silver, earth and water as you can see in the above picture from top to bottom. There are also 4 style choices, namely: banner, cross, half and half and blocks, from left to right in the above picture.

But that is not all. The color schemes can be customized to taste as can the fonts!
Customizing the color schemes:
Select the book whose cover you want to design and click on the “Edit metadata” button in the main toolbar. A new window opens. In the cover section of the window you see:

If you click on the “Generate cover” button, one of the covers in  the showcase shown in the second picture will be randomly generated. If you click on it again another one will take its place. However if you  long-click (hold down the left mouse button) the “Generate cover” button you will see the option “Customize the styles and colors of the generated cover”. Now you can click on that option and you will see a new window:

As you can see there are the 4 previously mentioned color schemes available by default. Now to create a custom color scheme click on “New color scheme”. Then the following window opens:

The default name of this new color scheme will be “#My Color Scheme” but you can change it. To change the colors click on the color you want to change and the following window opens:

Now you can choose what color you want. You can change all the colors one by one. I have replaced all 4 colors in the previous scheme with a set of whites and pinks as you see below:

Now if you click OK you will see:

Now you see at the top of the list is the new color scheme i have created. If you don’t like it you can remove it by clicking the “Remove color scheme” button. I am going to save these settings for future use by checking the relevant box before clicking OK.

Customizing the Fonts:
You can change the fonts too. To do that click on the Fonts and Sizes tab in the above window. Then you will see:

To change the title font click on the “Choose font family” button next to the “Title font family” entry. In the following I have changed the “Title font family” to “Purisa” and as you can see in the preview window below the font of the title has changed to Purisa.

Similarly you can change the title font size. Below I have changed the title font size from 120 pixels as chosen in the above picture to 160 pixels.

As you can see in the preview window above the title automatically spreads over 2 lines to accommodate the new font size. Similarly you can change the footer font family and size to change the font family and size of the author. I have changed the footer font family to Purisa:

Customizing the text:

You can also change what you see for the footer name or how the title is presented by going to the “Text” tab. When you click on the “Text” tab you see:

You can click on the change the template buttons to customize the Title, footer and subtitle information appearing on the cover.

Below is a showcase of the covers in different styles with our new color scheme and fonts:

This post gives you the basics but there is a lot to play around with particularly in modifying the templates. Hope you have fun with this new feature.

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