welcome to calibre’s blog (Old Post)

Welcome to calibre’s blog on tips and tricks, that make calibre an indispensable tool to all you enthusiastic ebook users. This blog will have regular (of the order of weekly) posts on various obscure and not so obscure features of calibre with details on how and where to use them.  The posts will sometimes focus on Open Books,Continue reading “welcome to calibre’s blog (Old Post)”

all about “Get Books”

“Get Books” allows you to search for ebooks online, that you can thenpurchase/download to your calibre library. It can simultaneously search over 40 different online stores for books by title and author. The returned list of matches can be sorted by price, allowing you to find the cheapest edition of the book. To access “GetContinue reading “all about “Get Books””

ebook format conversion

A lot of you have used calibre to convert your ebooks between different formats. The calibre conversion system is very sophisticated and has many subtleties. Today I will discuss just a few features that are often overlooked and yet a lot of you may find very useful. The following is the “Convert books” icon inContinue reading “ebook format conversion”