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Read Manga Online

Reading Manga Online just got easier! Manga is one of the world’s most popular forms of graphic novels or Comic Books. It was originally created in Japan but now stretches its tentacles far and wide across the planet. Manga covers almost any genre you can possibly imagine which gives it the ability to capture everyContinue reading “Read Manga Online”

the calibre viewer

Today we explore the many features of calibres ebook viewer. calibre’s ebook viewer allows you to view ebooks in all of the 22 input formats that calibre supports conversion from. These include CBZ, CBR, CBC, CHM, EPUB, FB2, HTML, HTMLZ, LIT, LRF, MOBI, ODT, PDF, PRC, PDB, PML, RB, RTF, SNB, TCR, TXT, TXTZ, andContinue reading “the calibre viewer”

Custom news fetching

The “Fetch News” feature in calibre is very powerful and versatile. It has over a 1000 built in news recipes, spanning over 30 languages and 50 countries, for websites of newspapers, magazines and blogs. At the click of a few buttons you can set up regular downloads of the news source of your choice. NotContinue reading “Custom news fetching”

calibre resources

calibre is a free and open source community driven project. The software has many layers. The most commonly used functions like format conversion, metadata editing, news fetching etc have big clear icons and are very easy to use. Yet calibre is very powerful and offers a lot of flexibility by way of customization options throughContinue reading “calibre resources”

plugins continued …

The last blog post talked about plugins in general and illustrated the workings of the duplicate finder plugin in detail. Today I will point out a few other useful plugins. To obtain these plugins follow the same procedure as in the section “Getting the Find Duplicates plugin” in the previous blog post, but with the nameContinue reading “plugins continued …”

calibre custom columns

The main calibre window has a default set of columns that most people find useful in organising their ebook collection. These include Title, Author, Date, Size (of file in MB), Ratings, Tags , Series, Publisher and Published. Although these columns are sufficient for many users, most calibre features are made flexible to accommodate unusual needsContinue reading “calibre custom columns”

calibre 0.9.0 is here!

The long awaited calibre 0.9.0 is here! This is the link to the page documenting all the improvements since 0.8.0. Some of the important improvements I will discuss here at length are: Improved support for android phones and tablets  MTP support Calibre Companion Viewer Display of mathematics in e-books Page mode Table of contents panel now tracks the currentContinue reading “calibre 0.9.0 is here!”

magic with TOC: edit or create a TOC for your documents or ebooks

Hope you enjoyed polishing and shining your e-books. Now let’s look at more heavy duty stuff. The last post already detailed how you can get the “Edit TOC” button on the main toolbar. It is the rightmost button on the main toolbar in the figure below. Create TOC:If you have an e-book without a  Table of Contents (TOC), Continue reading “magic with TOC: edit or create a TOC for your documents or ebooks”

ebooks of web content and virtual libraries

This blog post will discuss a class of plugins that allow you to make ebooks of content from the web, like chosen Wikipedia pages and recipe pages from sites like cooks.com, bigoven.com, foodnetwork and allrecipes as well as the calibre virtual libraries feature. make your own ebooks from web content The internet makes a lot of information available at your fingertips. But sometimes it isContinue reading “ebooks of web content and virtual libraries”

calibre cover designs

Bored of all your default covers looking like this: Since calibre 2.4,  released on 25 September 2014, calibre has added a selection of different cover designs with customizable fonts, font sizes and color schemes. Here are the set of default covers: There are 4 color scheme choices, namely: grass, silver, earth and water as youContinue reading “calibre cover designs”

calibre icon themes

Over the years we have had some complaints about calibre’s appearance. We have had just as many appreciative emails from people loving the look. While some people find large clear icons easy to use, other feel it makes the interface clunky. The problem with choosing a particular look is that you can never make allContinue reading “calibre icon themes”

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